Lisa Lorenz


Lisa Lorenz
Oberer Gubel 25
8645 Jona
Tel G: +41 55 210 73 65
Mob: +41 79 287 83 20

"It has become about the spaces in between to me. Physical appearance seems to contain a special essence inside that makes me look closer. What is there? How does the air move in it? Looking at negative spaces, is an awakening to Spirit - to liminal spaces, the in between where everything becomes possible."

Lisa  is a classical singer and has been working at the Opera in Zurich since 1994. In 2014 Lisa started working with clay and later moved toward porcelain because of its etherial, transparent quality. This is also what she seeks in her singing, so it is a natural progression. Lisa makes art objects, light art and body art in porcelain.

  • Deklarationen:
  • Tätigkeit: Gestalter, Hersteller
  • Herstellung: Handwerklich
  • Produktion: Einzelstücke, Kleinserien
  • Produktions-Standort: Schweiz
  • Verkauf: Direkt