Cédric Chevalley


Cédric Chevalley
Rue du coppet 8
1870 Monthey
Mob: +41 78 774 92 74

Swiss designer working on his own since 2001, focusing mainly on the success of Mood Collection and contemporary wedding rings as Cbijoux,  until it became self sustaining, then shifting back his focus on contemporary jewelry . 


Statment :

"hey, hey ... above all concept on my work, I want to tell with upcycling, that things can be broken, dirty, not any more available for using them, but we can do something new with it, with taking the best feature of them, and bring them on the front of windows to be admired as piece of art. Like we, human beings, in life, we all can fail, being in loose, being broken, and we just have to decide that tomorrow is a white board, a white page, we can start a new of us, bright and shinning. We don't have to replay yesterday tomorrow.

I want to bring joy and excitement with my art, using the media and the special features of the matter I choose. I’m especially looking for innovation and seeking for self-improvement through art “


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