On Kee Chan


On Kee Chan
Pflanzschulstrasse 49
8004 Zürich
Mob: +41 78 925 94 63

MIZZUU.CO Colourful minds enjoy a touch of grey. We care - Slow fashion.

Life is about contrast. Sometimes making a point. Our statement reflects a counter-movement of a new generation denying the lifestyle of the throw-away culture. Create lasting proudcts and fight for real values. Stay independent. And stay yourself.

minimalist fashion
We live in a world stuffed with items. Unclutter yourself and focus on the essentials. The minimalist state of mind is what we strive for.

sustainable design
Synergetic with a lasting and minimalistic design approach comes sustainability: Respect the environment and the people you work with.

last forever
Ideas. Memories can last a lifetime. We combine sharp ides with good product design, so you can enjoy it even longer.